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no record


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

very rare nowadays, this is the awesome Nihilist Spasm Band debut album, released in heavy vinyl pressing, 700 copies only - it comes with printed insert from 1968 (Arts Canada). A companion release to the Intersystems Number One LP; both originally on Allied records, and both of these groups representing extremes in art bands in Canada 1960's. A proto-dada assault, 'No Record' heralds a do it yourself punk aesthetic with unrestrained humor and noise performed on largely home-made instruments. Electric charged and indispensable to anyone interested in Sonic Youth, the LAFMS, Japanese Noise, and anarchistic music in general very rare, few copies available

Cat. number: organ of Corti 26
Year: 2000

Pressed on 220 gram vinyl. Limited edition of 700 copies.
Includes 4-page insert reproducing pages from ArtsCanada magazine June 1968.

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