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No Nihilist Spasm Band In Mulhouse


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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The nihilist spasm Band began in the summer of 1965 in London, Ontario as an informal kazoo band of friends making a soundtrack for a film by the late artist Greg Curnoe. We soon built new, louder electric instruments. We played noise music because we did not know how to play real music. In 1969 we toured Europe for the first time, playing at the Paris Biennale des Jeunes and at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, England. It was not until 2004 that we toured Europe again, playing at Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy's festival Musique Action, in Montreuil, in Hasselt, Belgium and in Mulhouse. This proved to be the last tour for Hugh McIntyre, our bassist for 39 years. Three months later he died of heart failure. The very last night he played at our regular Monday night gig, members of REM showed up and jammed with us till 2 in the morning. Hugh had a wonderful time and went to hear their concert the next evening. This final recording of Hugh with the spasm Band in Mulhouse is dedicated to his memory

Cat. number: N 47 45
Year: 2006

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