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Rafael Toral

Wave field

Label: Dexters Cigar

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Reissue of the 2nd album by this Portuguese guitarist/composer Rafael Toral, originally issued by the small Moneyland label 1995, which was not widely distributed. This record is what every guitar/drone/crunch/snap,crack and pop afficionado has ever wanted. It's epic, it's intimate, it's a personally served 10 course meal at a table for two at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Dedicated to Alvin Lucier, with instructions to be played very soft or very loud, this features toral's trademark sound (lush, interstellar ambiance -- not immediately identifiable as guitar-derived) at its finest. Purely radiant and suitable for the ultimate immersion, this is an artifact of sonic genius. The wave field is located somewhere inn far away region of the ambient territory, close to the frontier with a swampy area where abstract vibrations from liquid rock are solved under noise-charged clouds echoing some electrical irradiation. 'Wave Field 5' and '6' were recorded to hard disk from the vibrating body of a Fender Jaguar wired through a Morley wah, Korg guitar synth (no synth, filters only), Dod graphic EQ, Alesis reverb and compressor, Ashly Parametric EQ and Sansamp.

Cat. number: dex 14
Year: 1996

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