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These Nightmares are Ending (excerpt)

Sparkle In Grey, Tex La Homa

Whale Heart, Whale Heart (LP)

Label: Grey Sparkle

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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**300 copies** A split album: Sparkle in Grey songs come from a long process of mixing and recordings from various sources, defined by Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly) as "a fine combination between that sorrowful tune played on the violin, the scraping and tinkling of sweet guitar sounds, the gentle crash on cymbal, along with time stretched field recordings."
Tex La Homa songs were written and recorded around the birth of Robin Neve Shaw, the inspiration and collaborator on these pieces of music. The four tracks vary from the Kranky-style long guitar tunes to pop-folk songwriting, passing through 'light' experimental sounds, mostly taken from baby's sounds. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.


"It's the kind of album you want to put on continuously just to escape life’s erratic pace and start focusing on what really matters. [...] Simply Beautiful" - Foxy Digitalis

Cat. number: GS LP 03
Year: 2011

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