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Oliver Leith

Good Day Good Day Bad Day Bad Day

Label: Another Timbre

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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A unique and extraordinary 45-minute composition for piano & keyboards + percussion, written for the GBSR duo: George Barton & Siwan Rhys. Composed by Oliver Leith in 2018, and recorded in March 2020 by Mark Knoop.

"I like looking at and framing everyday life, sometimes banal things. Good day good day bad day bad day is almost an incantation, I was interested in the rituals, habits, things we tell ourselves to keep going, invasive irrational thoughts, odd pleasures and reliefs of life. Mainly because I realised when chatting to mates that these sometimes debilitating thoughts, anxieties and compulsions are just normal, common. The piece isn’t biographical or about them, but is sort of fed by these ideas, a tender look at the violent, loving, contradictory, stupid, repetitive, frightening, comforting thoughts that dictate a good day or a bad day. It seemed a nice musical thing too, specific, fiddly, nervous, pressured, repetitive - I don’t know how musicians do it. When it was first performed I wanted it to look like it was in George and Siwan's living room, weird in St John Smith’s Square but it seemed an extension of the piece - a private thing, a home space, some mugs, a rug, maybe a lamp in the middle of a concert hall. I was very happy after the concert, had some drinks with friendly faces." - Oliver Leith

“New music does not get more lovable... it’s a piece you want to hug. A sweet-hearted hypnagogic gem.” - Igor Toronyi-Lalic

Cat. number: at161
Year: 2020

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