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Label: Ikuisuus

Format: CDr

In stock

Strongly Imploded  is the supergroup composed by part of One Starving Day (Beta-Lactam Ring) A Spirale (Fratto9/ Deserted Factory) and Weltraum(Lona e Toxo Records), a blend of electro-acoustic, free improvisation and elements from heavy sounding music styles such as noise, hardcore and power electronics, that results in improvised /new obscure music. "In their radical improvisations they mix sources of acoustic and electronic origin. In the quiet and open passages their music fails to attract attention. However in the extravert and loud parts of the improvisations they do. There are some very enjoyable cacaphonic and furious minutes to enjoy here. Also they know how to built up a piece of improvised music. They are relatively new in this business if you ask me, but eager to learn more, as can be deduced from their dedicated playing." FdW
Cat. number: is-035
Year: 2010