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Wwdruja nuk Nieuzywaja - They wander, don't use the feet - Excerpt
File under: FolkRitual


Wwdruja nuk Nieuzywaja / They wander, don't use the feet (Tape)

Label: Sloow Tapes

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

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* Edition of 80 * Wędrowiec is a relatively recent project from Poland, channeling forward thinking sonic experimentation through the lens of minimalism and traditional ritual folk music from central Poland. Featuring members of Ksiezyc, Bractwo Ubogich, Kapela Domu Tanca, Kolowrót and Pies Szczeka (Agata Harz, Emili Herda, Piotr Herda, and Remek Hanaj), Wędrują nuk Nieuzywają / They Wander, Don't Use the Feet delves deep into a mysterious world, is built from a sonic pallet of haunting vocals, violin, viola, hurdy-gurdy, percussion, saw, and object, culminating as a truly wondrous junction between the towering heights of art, creativity, the mystical, and the ritualistic, that’s as intimate, beautiful, and direct as it is surprising. Droning, hypnotic, chanting, and absolutely fantastic. 

File under: FolkRitual
Cat. number: CS 50
Year: 2021