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Andrea Marutti


Label: Silentes Minimal Editions

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

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**100 copies** Collezione del Silenzio is a series of 26 cassette tapes by 26 italian acts edited by Silentes Tapestry. Each tape is associated with a letter of the alphabet, each letter is associated with an artist, each letter gives birth to an unwanted word. The music is the artist's personal vision of silence. Each tape is hand numbered and limited to 100 copies. The Z letter is dedicated to Andrea Marutti a veteran of the experimental / ambient scene, also known projects as Amon and Never Known.

"Andrea Marutti is something of a legend from the experimental / electronic music from Italy, whose work is mainly to be found in 'ambient' and 'drone', but he dabbles in various aspects of that. So it can be either softly humming or be more upfront. For "Z" he chooses both. On the first side we find something, which seems to be based around a loop of some kind that swirls around, captured in a system of sustaining feedback sampling machines. A sort of powerful drone music and the b-side is filled with a low end rumble of sonic debris, gently yet dark, flowing about. Both sides are total opposites of each other, but equally good." - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, October 2010

Cat. number: tapestry z
Year: 2010