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Juri Camisasca

Juri Camisasca, is an Italian singer-songwriter and composer - a self-taught musician, Camisasca debuted in 1974 with the experimental album La finestra dentro, produced by Pino Massara and Franco Battiato, which received large critical acclaim. In the following years he collaborated as a vocalist and as a songwriter with Battiato and with other singers, and he took part to the musical project Telaio Magnetico. In 1979 Camisasca decided to enter a Benedictine monastery, and in 1987 he left the monastic life to embrace an eremitical life at the slopes of Mount Etna. Camisasca is also active as an icon painter, an activity he gradually focused in later years.

Member of TELAIO MAGNETICO, Juri Camisasca
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