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All my work is highly autobiographical, highly subjective and highly emotional. In this sense my work is the complete opposite of that from most musicmakers out of the experimental corner who's work is mostly without any emotion. The reason for me making music is to strenghten my connection with life. For me my music is not experimental, simply because it was Never made to experiment.

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De schroef Raymond DIJKSTRA De schroef DE SCHROEF Des Experimental Vinyl LP 27.90    
Ce Phenomene Negatif d'une Maniere Satisfaisante Raymond DIJKSTRA Ce Phenomene Negatif d'une Maniere Satisfaisante LE SOUFFLEUR nc Sound Art LP 18,50  
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L'opus Ch Raymond DIJKSTRA L'opus Ch LE SOUFFLEUR none Electronic Vinyl LP 19.90  
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