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Raymond Dijkstra

Verzameld werk 4LP set

Label: Le Souffleur

Format: Vinyl LP 4 x LP

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

Awesome edition of 4 LP's in 2 gatefold silkscreened jackets in silkscreened slipcase. Year of release: 2008. Numbered 100 copies. The 4 musicpieces included in this set were originally released as separate LP's by muziekuitgeverij Le Souffleur between 2005 and 2007. Together they form a closed series. This series includes: Affen-theater (2005), Der Triumph (2006), Die sonne (2007), Die wille (2007). About my work : I like to go to the the sea: The sea is always the same. Still, the sea is never the same. I'm solely interested in playing acoustic -sound producing- objects. Sometimes combining them with simple electronic devices to - adjust the hard sounds of the outerworld to the soft sounds of my innerworld. All my music is played, and not 'generated'; in order to transfer my own psychic imprint into music. My playing is through emotions expressionistic, and fully improvised. About Le Souffleur : Le Souffleur is a small personal music publishinghouse. All editions are 1st print, in limited edition. I do not do second prints or commercial runs. With releasing music-editions I'm not interested in producing commercial products which are interesting for the commercial market. Unfortunately music has been since long corrupted by commerce, degrading it into a commercial product. I personally like to see music, as a pure unspoiled creation of the soul, and a wonderful language of art. I therefor present my music in a way I can personally account for. Le Souffleur was founded in 2003, by me Raymond Dijkstra.
Cat. number: souffleur 15
Year: 2008

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