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Destructieve Verlich - excerpt 1
Destructieve Verlich - excerpt 2

Raymond Dijkstra, The New Blockaders

Destructieve Verlichting (Box-set)

Label: Des Astres d'Or

Format: Handmade box-set, 5x8" records


**numbered art edition of 25 copies** Raymond Dijkstra and The New Blockaders have been collaborating since 2010. This is the first music published of this collaboration. Destructieve Verlichting (Destructive Enlightenment) is issued in ten parts on 5x 8" vinyl records on Des Astres d’Or. Comes in a collage artwork and bolted box / wooden dowel designed by and executed by Raymond Dijkstra. Each copy is different.
Cat. number: d'or 001
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic