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Raymond Dijkstra

die Wille

Label: Le Souffleur


Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

another beautiful and totally spaced out super-deluxe 100 copies only box
“my overall philosophy is to keep my kitchen closed. and the lid on the pot. i need to build up pressure; the only time i release pressure is when playing music. it's all about transformation. guess i need to have some distance between me/my music and the public. in fact i like to see the public as non-existent. releasing my work i only do for metaphysical reasons; to keep all psychic and physical channels open, and maintaining a healthy system. it is not much more then relieving yourself in the toilet. if not, there'll soon or later come a point when your system gets clogged, the energy flow will cease, and the transformation into music stops... need complete isolation to protect my work."
Cat. number: SOUFF006LP
Year: 2006

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