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Nivritti Marga - excerpt 1
Nivritti Marga - excerpt 2
Nivritti Marga - excerpt 3
Nivritti Marga - excerpt 4

Nivritti Marga

Nivritti Marga (Lp)

Label: Le Souffleur

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

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Dutch visual and sound artist Raymond Dijkstra has honed a direction with his work that is as complex as it is singular – following patterns both sonically and visually which create a sense of isolation as well as a powerful vision. And this one is not an exception, again with the help of Timo van Luijk (of Elodie, Af Usrin fame) and Frédérique Bruyas on vocals. "Part from these reservations placed upon the kind of relationship more or less intimate that I should maintain with you, my mouth is ready at no matter what hour of the day to exhale like an artificial gale the flood of lies exacted strictly from each human by your vainglory from the moment that the bluish dawn arises seeking light in the satin folds of the twilight, even as I, excited by the love of virtue, seek the good."
Unumbered copies

Innersleeve with French and English textsheet

Cat. number: LS85
Year: 2015

Edition of 200 copies

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