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Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold
Cankun is back on Hands In The Dark (LP) and Not Not Fun (cassette) with Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold, his 3rd full length album follow-up to the brilliant and unanimously acclaimed 2013's Culture of Pink. This time, Frenchman Vincent Caylet is inviting us to a two part journey: Side A sets Cankun's new tempo, taking the listener to darker spheres compared to his previous works, moving from a tropical beach to the middle of a dense, uncanny and unpredictable jungle, where the sun never reaches. …
LP | €15.90
Plays Paradise Artificial (Lp)
Another year on the HITD calendar, another stunning new solo release with Brian Case Plays Paradise Artificial. This third album somehow manages to compile and condense the best bits of its predecessors, and the magnificent viridian, glacial universe developed by Case since the beginning of his solo ventures is brought to the forefront.The Chicago artist centres his elusive, dehumanised compositions around two simple, minimal elements. Using just vocals and synths, he has created a simultaneousl…
LP | €16.90
Alpestres (Lp)
We are pleased to welcome Parisian Matthias Puech into the HITD fold with his album ‘Alpestres’. A researcher by day, he transforms into a nocturnal narrator of sound travel by night, with his new album taking us on a mythical, magical hike up to the inaccessible heights of the Alps. Puech creates a vast collection of untouched electronica landscapes with modular synthesisers built by his own fair hands. With his various devices, he emulates the sounds of nature and gives sonic form to feelings,…
LP | €17.90
A Skeleton (Lp)
Hailing from Suuns, Canadian Ben Shemie offers up his first solo work, ‘A Skeleton’ - an experimental pop album of cold synthetic sounds with touches of psychedelia. Based on his live, itinerant experiments, the whole album was recorded in a single take with no overdub. Shemie has left traces of the atmosphere of each recording space, adding an element of chaos and unpredictability alongside his masterful/dexterous manipulation of the equipment.The voices and instruments sound as if they were dr…
LP | €17.90
Présence Absence (Lp)
Présence Absente is Saåad's third release with Hands in the Dark, after Orbs & Channels back in 2013 and Deep/Float the following year. Based on the French duo’s 2017 live setup and improvised sets, this new album is the quintessence of their music: raw, deep, murky, fascinating. The band's sound and experimental songwriting have matured over the course of their albums, and with this new offering we feel that they have truly blossomed both in form and in content.Their brand of experimental drone…
LP | €16.90
Body Consonance (Lp)
Body Consonance is the follow up to Precipice, Byron Westbrook’s critically acclaimed debut LP from 2015 (Root Strata).Taking a turn towards greater immediacy, this new album is far from “ambient” with ecstatic abstract rhythm as its anchor. An artist who also operates in visual contexts, Westbrook utilizes binaural qualities of the stereo listening format to sculpt three-dimensional sounds in perpetual motion, producing works that are both pointillistic and psychedelic. Body Consonance is a med…
LP | €8.45
Les Músiques per a Albert Serra (4LP Box)
**347 copies** Urpa i musell feels very fortunate to announce its third release after a long period of fertile collaboration with the film production company Andergraun Films: the 4-LP Box Set Les Músiques per a Albert Serra by the inscrutable band Molforts.The box set puts together the main musical works that the band created between 2006 and 2018 for the Catalan film director Albert Serra. It includes the soundtracks for three films — Honor de cavalleria / Honour of the Knights (2006), Històri…
4LP Box | €75.00
Epiphany (2LP)
Honest Jon's Records present a reissue of Company's Epiphany, originally released in 1982. Epiphany \ i-ˈpi-fə-nē \ (1) a manifestation of the essential nature of something (usually sudden) (2) an intuitive grasp of reality through something (usually simple and striking) (3) an illuminating discovery or disclosure. All three definitions apply perfectly to this span of music recorded at London's ICA in July 1982. It's a miracle of group interaction, wonderfully paced, moving steadily between mome…
LPx2 | €25.00
Epiphanies I-VI (2LP)
Derek Bailey’s guests for Company Week at London’s ICA in July 1982 were contemporary classical pianist Ursula Oppens, folk/jazz singer-turned-improviser Julie Tippetts and her partner pianist Keith Tippett, violinist/electronics wizard Philipp Wachsmann, guitarist Fred Frith, trombonist George Lewis, harpist Anne LeBaron, and from Japan free jazz bassist Motoharu Yoshizawa and sound artist Akio Suzuki.  Altogether they performed the stunning extended improvisation Epiphany. In different, more i…
LPx2 | €25.00
Epiphanies VII-XIII (3LP)
More buried treasure from Company Week 1982: seven previously unissued Epiphanies by lineups involving Derek Bailey, Ursula Oppens, Julie Tippetts, Keith Tippett, Philipp Wachsmann, Fred Frith, George Lewis, Anne LeBaron, Motoharu Yoshizawa and Akio Suzuki.  Fred Frith is a stellar improviser — 1974’s Guitar Solos is still a seminal album of free improv — and he has three opportunities here to showcase his considerable talents. Eleventh is a tour de force of extended technique, with George Lewis…
LPx3 | €29.90
1969, 1970 (2LP)
**Available next week** "The original concepts of vocal and instrumental music are utterly different. The instrumental impulse is not melody in a 'melodious' sense but an agile movement of the hands which seem to be under the control of a brain centre totally different from that which inspires vocal melody. Altogether, instrumental music, with the exception of rudimentary rhythmic percussion, is as a rule a florid, fast and brilliant display of  virtuosity... Quick motion is not merely a means t…
LPx2 | €25.00
Notes on Other Music
Notes on Other Music is a 112 page A5 perfect bound book published on the occasion of the Fourth Edition Festival for Other Music in Stockholm. The book collects photographs, essays, interviews and conversations relating to the festival programme since its inception in 2016.The book features an extended piece on Eliane Radigue by Kate Molleson who visited the composer at her Paris apartment to discuss her instrumental music ahead of the Swedish premiere of Occam Ocean — her work for orchestra pe…
BOOK | €12.00
Evoluzione Interiore (CD)
CD Edition. Juri Camisasca is one of the towering artists of Italy’s remarkable musical avant-garde. Evolving across the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, as it continues today, this movement suffered under a long-lasting, one sided isolation - unheard by the world beyond. Recently, under the care of labels like Black Sweat, it has begin to emerge from the shadows, gathering a momentum of marvel and praise. Over the years, beginning with 1974’s legendary La Finestra Dentro, Camisasca has released a slow…
cd | €14.50
Taraxacum (Cd)
Cd version. Incredible 1986 lost recordings, an amazing adventure of a musicological and botanical research on the psychoacoustic qualities of the green world. It's the investigation of an organic symbiosis, real and mysterious at the same time, between the pharmacological properties of the plant and the sound emitted by the same material essence. From the single natural element comes the vibration permeating the whole universe; an indissoluble binomial for which "everything that makes up existe…
CD | €13.50
Positive Force
From Milan, Italy, Al Doum and The Faryds return with a brand new LP of immaculate beauty. Fusing together free jazz, psych, eastern and Indian influences Al Doum and The Faryds create a mesmerizing mixture: the continuous, fluid sound of "Positiva Force" perfectly succeeds in expressing the parallel influences of ecstatic eastern/african sound and of the contemporary free, energetic, spirited sound, with a nice jagged, if not toxic guitar phrasing. Limited to 200 copies only“This fucking righte…
CD | €14.00
Anticlima (5 CD Box)
Edition of 300 copies. Giancarlo and Massimo Toniutti’s Spazio di Hausdorff newborn label finally unveil this epic, years-in-the-making 5 CD retrospective/compilation of musics by Enrico Piva spanning the years 1978-1999 with critical texts by Giancarlo Toniutti and Vittore Baroni, and a complete discography by Walter Rovere. Enrico Piva has been a master of concealment. And a profoundly serious researcher who devoted himself to art in his various facets never blending it with mediocre and tamed…
5Cd Box | €54.00
Elettroformule (LP)
**Edition of 300 copies, black vinyl 180gr. Comes with Obi, and original liner notes by Jonny Trunk** This is a masterful blend of spectrally-processed sounds, electronics, Musique Concrete, minimalistic passages and harder-hitting experimentations, all held together under the leadership of the revered composer Giuliano Sorgini – making this album's one of the greatest Italian library of the 60-70s. At the end of the '60s in Italy - but also abroad, especially in France and England - a very part…
LP | €21.90
More is more
Solos for piccolo trumpet and trumpet, recorded 11/9/05. Peter Evans is an astonishing new voice on that most demanding of instruments -- the trumpet. This set of solo improvisations locates Evans at the centre of the next generation of players.
CD | €16.50
**500 copies** It is always a treat to see some major musical innovators in action. Especially in a mind-blowing line-up, at the top of their game and unrecorded until now on this impressive new Dropa Disc release.Evan Parker might be a member of some legendary trios – one with von Schlippenbach and Paul Lovens and one with Barry Guy and Paul Lytton – still this brilliant master of the saxophone and pioneer of free music managed to surprise us big time when he introduced his trio with John Edwar…
CD | €15.00
Becoming Peter Ivers
Becoming Peter Ivers tells the story of the late Peter Ivers, a virtuosic songwriter and musician whose antics bridged not just 60s counterculture and New Wave music but also film, theater, and music television. Written and recorded in Los Angeles in the mid-to-late-1970s, Becoming Peter Ivers raises the curtain on this mischievous master of ceremonies, who, harmonica in hand, rarely missed a chance to light up an audience. Since his untimely death in 1983, Ivers' short but storied life has been…
CD | €18.00