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Masayuki Takayanagi - Lonely Woman

Masayuki Takayanagi

Guitar Solo

Label: Jinya Disc

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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The Guitar Solo album was produced by Takeshi Fujii, the producer of the legendary jazz label "Three Blind Myth", in June 1981.  Takayanagi responded to the request with "Lonely Woman" recorded in August 1982. As stated in the liner notes of this work, Takayanagi said: "In my two years of fighting against illness, my thoughts have changed, and now I'm thinking rather than making a group album. The form of solo would be appropriate to put it together" and he worked on the guitar solo as the first step in his major activities after his illness.

Guitar Solo is the last night of Takayanagi's modern jazz guitar-style. After this night, Takayanagi played more free, noisy-guitar solo style (Action Direct) and/or guitar machismo style (translation of Ayler's style by his guitar - Angry Waves ) and/or Tango style guitar. He released his masterpiece called "Lonley Woman" ( TBM ) on 1982, and its accomplishment is this recording exactly"- Jinya

Cat. number: B-27
Year: 2011
LTD 500 - Recorded at Yokohama Airegin on December 21, 1982.

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