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Aar & Dag

Fragment 94
A composition written for the string quartet Halvcirkel by Anders Lauge Meldgaard on the base of Fragment 94 by Sappho, re-written by Mette Moestrup who is special guest feature on the album. The score for the composition is open ended and leaves many possibilities and choices to be made by the musicians during performance, creating a space for non-hierarchical, playful, crisp interaction.
LP | €19.90
Tifold af Fri Form og Faelles Motiv (LP)
Aar & Dag is a collective of four Danish composers: Andreas Pallisgaard, Mads Forsby, Anders Lauge Meldgaard, and Michael Mørkholt. Each of the four members has an independent practice as a musician/composer, working with instrument-building, computer programming, live improvisation, and notated composition. In bringing the four members together, Aar & Dag’s intention is to create an open field for the examination and exploration into new methods, instruments, and systems for composing and perfo…
LP | €19.90
Kredsbevaegelsen (LP)
Kredsbevægelsen was an A/V installation based on a video projection of a feedback generated from a video camera filming it’s own projected output and feeding back the light information of the space in between camera and projection, returning output as input and retransmitting, producing a discontinuance of difference between action and effect. Frequencies of coloured light are scaled down to audible spectrum and quantised into harmonics. All audio dynamics, variation in amplitude, phase, frequen…
LP | €19.90
Blunder (LP)
The immaculate mess of Blunder originates from a three-piece impro group consisting of Mads Forby (drums), Kristian Poulsen (guitar) and Lars Greve (saxophones and clarinets). Their debut album Blunder presents a music that's hazy and patient, struck by a disarming sense of attentiveness. It's a slow dance around a malformed energetic forcefield, it's the pull of the vortex, sucking the listener into an elastic sound world of repetitive rhythmic structures and shamanistic summoning.
LP | €19.90
At Synge Verden Ind I En Ny Og Mangefoldet Tid (LP)
At Synge Verden Ind I En Ny Og Mangefoldet Tid was composed during Anders Lauge Meldgaard’s period as composer in residence at the old Danish castle Rønnebæksholm on the south of Zealand. He has previously released music as Frisk Frugt, Supermelle, Music for Six Electric Guitars, Kirsten Ketsjer and been a part of the experimental collective yoyooyoy. This release marked Anders taking on new musical adventures by composing for an ensemble of classical musicians. The music, however, retains the f…
LP | €19.90
Easy Listening For The Hearing Impaired (LP)
Easy Listening For The Hearing Impaired is the full length debut album by danish composer and producer Andreas Pallisgaard. The album is released under his solo alias Son Ash. The album is a collection of calm explorative timbral studio experiments for analog synthesizers, sequencers and reel tape. Parts of the material stems from free improvisation, while other parts are composed from more strict organisational principles. The collection of tracks form of a cycle of poetic sonorities. The liste…
LP | €19.90
12 Instrumenter Til Henning (LP)
12 instrumenter til Henning (english: 12 instruments for Henning) is a new arrangement by Danish composer Anders Lauge Meldgaard (formerly known as Frisk Frugt) that sees Meldgaard exploring the music of Danish avant-garde artist and composer Henning Christiansen. A trio piece by Christiansen from 1975 is the source material for a bright and stimulating new work for extended chamber ensemble, with the tonal language the original blossoming outwards via Meldgaard’s own brilliantly colourful sound…
LP | €19.90