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New Arrivals

First release on Second Layer Records. Real-time improvisations to be played at maximum volume. Recorded at Eastcote Studios, London May 2008. Mastered by Tommi Keranen. Evan Parker : tenor, soprano saxophone. John Wiese : electronics, tape, MSP. First edition of 1000 copies.
CD | €12.45
Message from the Dead
Superb Compilation of french Cold-Wave/Gothlegend Norma Loy starting with their very first recorded track from 81 to unreleased demos/rehearsals/live to unreleased treasures In 1981 Usher and Chelsea formed NORMA LOY. The band launched it’s first EP the first one of it’s Cold-Wave-kind in France. NORMA LOY searched for their identity and multiplyed there experiences on the side, leading to the creation in 1984 of their own label, CPM, which produced a second EP distributed by New Rose: "PSYCHIC …
Vinyl LPx2 + DVD | €26.50
Saison 1979-82
Amazing box containg the entire Polyphonic Size discography, with all singles, maxi singles, 1st lp produced by JJ Burnel (live for each moment), b-sides and rare tracks, plus superb unreleased material (in excellent sound quality), carefully selected and remastered from roger-marc vande voorde's archives. including unreleased songs (Me Or You, Citizen Of Science, Asakusa Dub, Her Toys Dub), unreleased electronic instrumental tracks (Electronic 14-7, Electronic 65-4, Electronic 69-7, Electronic …
BOX LPx4 + 10 | €69.99
Miscellany Deluxe
PREORDER, 3xLP box edition + tshirt "Much of the music included in this set is exclusive to this vinyl version of ‘Miscellany’. Andrew Liles has compiled a comprehensive anthology including as much varied, interesting and unreleased material as possible. He spent many an afternoon sifting through piles of cassettes seeking the oldest and arguably most definitive pieces of music from literally hundreds of hours of tape.The earliest recordings on these discs date back to 1984. ‘Find a New Husband’…
3xLP box edition + tshirt | €56.00
Miscellany Deluxe
Finally arrived : Much of the music included in this set is exclusive to this vinyl version of ‘Miscellany’. Andrew Liles has compiled a comprehensive anthology including as much varied, interesting and unreleased material as possible. He spent many an afternoon sifting through piles of cassettes seeking the oldest and arguably most definitive pieces of music from literally hundreds of hours of tape.The earliest recordings on these discs date back to 1984. ‘Find a New Husband’ was made on Liles'…
Vinyl LPx2 | €19.99
The Drive
Billed as a soundtrack to an imaginary road movie this latest album from Jon Egeskov's Pixel project (his third in all) reaches into your subconscious and yanks out whatever images are lodged in there. Using a basic palette of miniscule percussive elemnts and delicately manipulated amplifier hiss Egeskov instils a sense of gentle motion, sounding out dream-like engine noise that propels the listener down whatever shady lane they're prepared to venture down. The floating hum and crinkled analogue…
CD digipack | €12.00
Live at Cafe Oto
a rich, layered mesh of droning sound leaning towards the lower end of the scale that hangs together in a somewhat fragile manner. In many ways there can be detected some of the dynamics and stimuli present in modern noise music in what Oceans of Silver and Blood are doing. Indeed Nordwall has a partial background in this area, and both musicians took part in a very noisy conclusion to the Eight Hour Drone People concert I saw at Oto last winter, alongside the likes of Lasse Marhaug, thirty minu…
CDr | €9.99
Ursula Maehr, recorder. Carles Peris, saxophone, flute. Francis Petter, saxophone, bass clarinet. Valentin Vecellio, basset horn. Marco von Orelli, trumpet. Sabine von Werra, voice. Christoph Baumann, piano. Markus Fischer, double bass. Jacques Widmer, drums. Recorded 9-11 November 2007
CD | €13.45
Mondo Paradoxa
Constructed over the period of two years via mail collaboration this is a great and forceful collaboration between two artists that each have made a name for themselves with their unique approach to making sound. KKNULL is a master of feedback studies, working with looped scenarios to create dense and vital sound units. KKNULL has a long history as an experimental musician and is also the leading force behind proto-metal-group Zeni Geva and the dark-industrial project Absolut Null Punkt.John Wie…
CD digipack | €8.00
Very nice catalogue with many colour-pictures of installation-works and texts in german & english, released on the occasion of the PARKPLATZ-exhibition (Wolfsburg, Juli-September 2006) from this german soundart-artist. On the CD 63 minutes of material with highly abstract and nice droning musique concrete
CD+Book | €11.99
The Modern Sound Quintet were formed in Stockholm by Trinidadian steel drum master Rudy Smith. On Otinku, Smith wails out on his set of 'pans' (as I believe the vernacular goes) in an improbably slick bebop mode, accompanied by a rhythm section capable of keeping it free and swinging one moment, and then within an instant locking down a groove. While pieces like the title track and 'Bye Bye Blackbird' flow effortlessly, 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy' and 'Memphis Underground' lay down a solid bedrock of …
CD digipack | €15.99
Virtuoso Saw
the pure union musician, was the sawtooth performer with the occupation musician who serves the oboe player of the los angeles symphony. it attends the musician of the band companion in the back, announcing the extremity of sawtooth performance with the transcendent tech which is lined to the beauty consciousness and professional ability of western classical music. the elegant solo album 1985 indicates one direction of sawtooth music. the japanese first appearance. the booklet attachment of valu…
CD | €15.99
Isophonic Boogie Woogie
Reissue of the legendary Afro spiritual minimal electronic masterpiece 5-track first LP (plus 2 bonus tracks) from horn wizard and original underground FM radio DJ Roland P. Young, featuring soprano sax, clarinet, and electronically-processed bass clarinet. An enjoyable outing from a neglected musician. Cosmic Afro-minimal electronic winds recorded in 1970s San Francisco. Classic explorations from the dude who was responsible for the legendary Infinite Sound LP on Arch 1750.
CD | €15.99
Premio Malattia
Dario Sanfilippo, computer, FeNeBaNo-LiDiSProS Project (Feedback Network Based Non-Linear Digital Signal Processing System). Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2008. Dario sanfilippo was born in Agrigento, Italy in 1983. He started working on electro-acoustic music in about 1997. Since then, his research concentrated on experimental and non-conventional music, both composed and improvised. His current main projects are based on computer for the creation of non-linear DSP systems through feedback-ne…
CD | €12.99
Creative Orchestra
Recorded live at Alto Adige Jazz Festival in Bolzano, Italy in June of 2007. All compositions by Anthony Braxton: Composition No. 63, Composition No. 92 (part 1-2), Composition No. 164 (part 1-2), Composition No. 59
CD digipack | €13.99
the gun
Namba Jazz is the improvisation duet by Yoshigaki Yasuhiro (drums, percussion) and Yamamoto Seiichi (guitar, misc.). "Namba" of Namba Jazz means not an area in Osaka but means Namba walking. And "Jazz" of Namba Jazz is not jazz but is actually Jazu.Namba Jazz has performed gigs 4 times in Japan. This CD is consisted great 10 tunes what selected in 3 gigs. The guitar playing by Yamamoto has a wide variety of the sound. He keeps a spark of genius and has never sounds the cliche of improvisation. H…
CD digipack | €15.99
CD audio + DVD video (NTSC / Region All). 'This trio was formed by Imai Kazuo (guitar), Suzuki Manabu (handmade electronics), and Ito Atsuhiro (optron) in July, 2005. I'm using a controllable instrument along with uncontrollable electronic sound devices that may make the music somewhat difficult to remain stable, yet its context of where I am now is the one that is similar to jazz'. Imai Kazuo, from linernotes. Imai Kazuo is the one and only graduate of Takayanagi Masayuki's private guitar scho…
CD + DVD digipack | €25.99
Yoshida Ryuichi (baritone sax), Goto Atsushi (trombone) and Suga Dairo (piano). 'Blacksheep is a trio group, consisting of Yoshida Ryuichi (baritone sax player in Shibusashirazu Orchestra, Fujii Satoko Orchestra, etc.), Goto Atsushi (trombone player in 'Tokyo Out', 'Denki Slime', etc.) and Suga Dairo (pianist in Shibusashirazu Orchestra, 'Real Blue', etc.). Sometime very beautiful, sometime intense improvisation and sometime humoresque and very serious, this, their first work is made up of prote…
CD digipack | €15.99
Monte Alto Estate
This is the collaborative masterpiece of the 3-piece unit, sim (Oshima Teruyuki on guitar and composition, Ootani Yoshio on computer, electronics, etc, and Uemura Masahiro on drums) and Otomo Yoshihide (turntables, self-made synthesizer). The noise of Otomo sharply incises the unique sound of sim, where Uemura’s controlled roaring drumming sets an main axis on Oshima’s precise rhythmical composition, Oshima’s the chord cuttings beats minimally and the electronics of Ootani give extreme voltage. …
CD digipack | €15.99
Teeth Mountain
Driven primarily by neo-tribal drums, which would seemingly put them in league with the rumbling sound of Bmore's Thank You. But "12 Plus Harsh Tanz" in particular is much more reflective. The guitar brings to mind the cracked post-1960s dream-psyche hangover of Pink Floyd, I'm thinking here of an instrumental interlude that might have been on Obscured by Clouds, or perhaps the contemporaneous Eastern-infused lines of Popul Vuh's Daniel Fichelscher. It's headspace music, to be sure, but in some …
Vinyl LP | €12.99