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New Arrivals

Rastakraut Pasta
1st release from the duo of Dieter Moebius & Conny Plank, originally released on Sky Records in 1980. As the title suggests, this album is heavily influenced by dug & reggae & those rhythms are incorporated into the ambient space-rock one would expect from these German pioneers of Kosmische musik.
CD | €15.99
Oh Me Oh My... The Way The Day Goes By The Sun Is Setting Dogs A
To say Devendra Banhart is unique is an absurd understatement. When I first heard the voice of this completely unknown, precociously talented 21-year-old songwriter, I could not believe it. His occasionally warbling falsetto is alternately bizarre, comical, and often a little frightening. Coupled with his advanced finger-picking guitar style - which itself often veers schizophrenically from gentle grooves into jolting, non-rhythmic stabs and weird harmonic flights of chaos -- and the wildly surr…
Vinyl LP | €16.99
beauty school
during my last visit to the states, about 2 years ago, one of the highlights was definatly a night long visit to SCOTT FOUST's house! john shaw took us there and explained from before what it was gonne be like, we would be seated down in a confortable couch while "the last great man" would stand up next to a pedastal with some quality whiskey, dope and cigarettes on it, sporting a mono coloured suit and sunglasses (day and night) while foust is telling stories about different art records, and ma…
Vinyl LP | €16.99
ladybird labyrinth
orphan fairytale is the solo monniker of eva van deuren, member of the lady folk troupe MASKESMACHINE, who started blowing my mind 12 years ago as a street performance troupe in antwerp. besides my own ladyfriend, i don't think i know anyone better than eva, and her boyfriend (audiobot madman) carlo steegen. for some reason this makes it even more difficult to write a decent description for this record, we live in the same mansion, and i could write a lot of stories about doing the dishes togeth…
Vinyl LP | €16.99
La Bamba
Over 15 years ago Daniël de Wereldvermaarde Botanicus (hat and cacti collector Cassis Cornuta) deejayed a ton of horrible la bamba versions for 2 hours in the now defunct situationist radioshow RTVS (Radio Centraal-Antwerp). The 'galdezen' of RTVS yelled-sung along, creating their own versions of la bamba while getting more and more hammered or naturally gone from a bamba trance! After telling me this short story Daniël mumbled 'I always wanted to dj all night long la bamba, I think it will driv…
Vinyl LP | €16.99
Very Friendly #1
Very Friendly is a comic book project that subjectively collects its material from the world of experimental electronic music and will mix stories of an autobiographical nature with historical accounts. In other words; the reader will get a chance to meet some of Sundin's musician friends and colleagues as well as take part of some historical events where a classic recording or performance took place. The first issue of Very Friendly, released in April 2009, presents over 52 pages three main sto…
Book + Vinyl 7\" | €14.45
Saxophone Solos
Reissue of Chronoscope CPE 2002-2. Originally issued on LP 19 and a limited edition cassette. Evan Parker's first solo concert on soprano saxophone. Recorded by Martin Davidson in 1975 at the Unity Theatre in London, at that time the preferred concert venue of the Musicans' Co-operative. Further solo material for the original LP release was recorded by Jost Gebers in the FMP studio in Berlin later that year.
CD | €12.45
Oceans Of Silver & Blood
Oceans of Silver and Blood are Joachim Nordwall : Roland S1000 Modular Synth and Mark Wastell : 32 Paiste Tam Tam. This recording was made at Goldsmiths College, London on December 10 2007 by Jonathan McHugh. Mixed and mastered by Jonathan McHugh. Cover design by Alisa Wolfson. Released in conjuction with their performance at Lampo, Chicago, 07 June 2008. Limited to 100 copies.
Vinyl LP | €12.45
Beam Stone
Per Anders Nilsson (computer and synthesizer), Sten Sandell (piano, prepared piano, electronics and voice) & Raymond Strid (percussion). Beam Stone was founded a year before this October 2007 recording. The trio consists of three free improvisers, each with a distinctive personal sound. Their aim with Beam Stone is to explore sonic territories with the guidance of different pre-defined concepts. Listening and sonic exploration are considered the essential points of departure.
CD | €12.45
The Bacteria Magnet
Picture Disc in a plastic cover. Limited to 500. 'Cruisin' For A Bruisin' (Bacteria Bitch Mix)', 'Bei Mir Nist Du Schon', 'Thrill Of Romance...? (Burgo Partridge Mix)', 'The Bottom Feeder'.
Vinyl LP Pciture Disc | €16.45
Sarod Recital: Live In Peshawar
Three beautiful extended ragas recorded last year in Peshawar: "Asad Qizilbash is the only Sarod player in Pakistan since 1992, keeping this traditional instrument and its music alive. Asad was born in 1963 to the famous violinist K.H. Qizilbash, who was responsible for closing the gap between western and eastern classical music. After attending a concert performed by his future Master, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Asad decided to devote himself to the instrument. Today, Asad Qizilbash has the honour t…
CD digipack | €13.45
Musics In The Margin Vol.4
Fourth opus of musical art brut, faithful to our precepts, we search out self-taught musicians. That means people who make contemporary music outside the customary production and distribution channels and with the determination and creative gifts that stem from unmistakable artistic talent. Some of these musicians operate in mental or social isolation and make their music in special workshops while others can be classified with the spiritualist or visionary artists. This particular relationship …
CD | €13.99
Hommage Au Sauvage - A Portrait
This portrait of renowned composer Henri Pousseur arrives just days after his death at the hands of bronchial pneumonia, aged 79. The documentary goes some way towards conveying Pousseur's warmth and openness as well as giving some impression of the breadth of his career and its accomplishments. The film documents Pousseur taking one last trip to Basel's Fondation Paul Sacher, to which he's donated his full archive of sound materials, research and memos. In addition to spending time during the j…
DVD | €16.99
Allegory Of Allergies
RESTOCKED! april 2009 release: deluxe reissue of emeralds long o/p august 2007 gods of tundra tape, a production-value-heavy edition consisting of two lps (each in their own metallic-ink inner sleeve) housed inside a full-color stoughton gatefold sleeve ; yowza ...for many the original cassette release was the one that made emeralds’ unique combination of stasis-heavy analogue synth wave-shifting stick (certainly was the one that “did it” for me) ; this majestic record-object does everything to …
Vinyl LPx2 | €21.00
Hyperborean Trenchtown
The album resonates a future sound vision that can only come from an old soul destined to further pave the paths laid by electronic & minimalist pioneers. Undeniably pure processes of creating & sustaining sound visually, sonically & otherwise brings a mathematical & scientific accuracy that hasn't been seen since the days of lovely music ltd. or GRM. Brilliant textures & audio hallucinogenic time/space wormholes create infinite listening possibilities
Vinyl LP | €15.99
Message from the Dead
Superb Compilation of french Cold-Wave/Gothlegend Norma Loy starting with their very first recorded track from 81 to unreleased demos/rehearsals/live to unreleased treasures In 1981 Usher and Chelsea formed NORMA LOY. The band launched it’s first EP the first one of it’s Cold-Wave-kind in France. NORMA LOY searched for their identity and multiplyed there experiences on the side, leading to the creation in 1984 of their own label, CPM, which produced a second EP distributed by New Rose: "PSYCHIC …
Vinyl LPx2 + DVD | €26.50
Saison 1979-82
Amazing box containg the entire Polyphonic Size discography, with all singles, maxi singles, 1st lp produced by JJ Burnel (live for each moment), b-sides and rare tracks, plus superb unreleased material (in excellent sound quality), carefully selected and remastered from roger-marc vande voorde's archives. including unreleased songs (Me Or You, Citizen Of Science, Asakusa Dub, Her Toys Dub), unreleased electronic instrumental tracks (Electronic 14-7, Electronic 65-4, Electronic 69-7, Electronic …
BOX LPx4 + 10 | €69.99
Miscellany Deluxe
PREORDER, 3xLP box edition + tshirt "Much of the music included in this set is exclusive to this vinyl version of ‘Miscellany’. Andrew Liles has compiled a comprehensive anthology including as much varied, interesting and unreleased material as possible. He spent many an afternoon sifting through piles of cassettes seeking the oldest and arguably most definitive pieces of music from literally hundreds of hours of tape.The earliest recordings on these discs date back to 1984. ‘Find a New Husband’…
3xLP box edition + tshirt | €56.00
Miscellany Deluxe
Finally arrived : Much of the music included in this set is exclusive to this vinyl version of ‘Miscellany’. Andrew Liles has compiled a comprehensive anthology including as much varied, interesting and unreleased material as possible. He spent many an afternoon sifting through piles of cassettes seeking the oldest and arguably most definitive pieces of music from literally hundreds of hours of tape.The earliest recordings on these discs date back to 1984. ‘Find a New Husband’ was made on Liles'…
Vinyl LPx2 | €19.99
The Drive
Billed as a soundtrack to an imaginary road movie this latest album from Jon Egeskov's Pixel project (his third in all) reaches into your subconscious and yanks out whatever images are lodged in there. Using a basic palette of miniscule percussive elemnts and delicately manipulated amplifier hiss Egeskov instils a sense of gentle motion, sounding out dream-like engine noise that propels the listener down whatever shady lane they're prepared to venture down. The floating hum and crinkled analogue…
CD digipack | €12.00