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1010 Days And Nights - Excerpt 1
1010 Days And Nights - Excerpt 2
1010 Days And Nights - Excerpt 3


1010 Days And Nights

Label: Ikuisuus

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

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* Edition of 50 * These ten four minute minimalistic, repetitive, electronic drone pieces invite you to calm down and listen closely. Each of these tracks has a focus on sound and its different qualities such as: pitch, timbre, texture, duration and location. Notes and synthesizer sounds are selected so that their combination creates a harmonious drone with few simultaneous, simple and repetitive elements. Preset synthesizer sounds are sustained to reveal this inner life of each combination. In this process listening can act as a sonic microscope. Something that at first might sounds monotonous and dull starts to live when you give a closer listen and let yourself sink into it.

While listening to these reduced sound events you may notice your focus shift from one detail to another. Try to listen without any expectations, leave your likes and dislikes, just relax into it and hear what happens.

Cat. number: IKU-062
Year: 2020

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