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3 Raw Takes - Excerpt 1
3 Raw Takes - Excerpt 2
3 Raw Takes - Excerpt 3

Martin Rev

3 Raw Takes (12")

Label: Sähkö Recordings

Format: 12"

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

This EP features 3 unreleased early takes from Martin Revs Les Nymphes -album from 2008. Tracks are early 2006 stripped down versions. Sähkö dig out previously unreleased versions of Martin Rev’s ‘Les Nymphes’ cuts from cold storage, spanning singular takes on rock ’n roll techno, dark drone ambience and a slow rave peach by the Suicide legend.
We almost mistook the swaggering nine minutes of ’Sophie Eagle (Early Version)’ for a Theo Parrish number, but nah, it’s definitely Martin Rev getting down and funky, while ‘Valley Of The Butterfly (Early Version)’ makes room for a really sleazy sort of dark ambient wormhole recalling NWW oddities, and ‘Venise (Early Version)’ is a superb slow ace following his nose for sultry backroom grooves into something like Coil doing a soundtrack for safer gay chillout room sex. Be daft not to! - Boomkat

Cat. number: PUU49
Year: 2020

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