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7 Todliche Unfalle Im Haushalt - excerpt 1
7 Todliche Unfalle Im Haushalt - excerpt 2
7 Todliche Unfalle Im Haushalt - excerpt 3
7 Todliche Unfalle Im Haushalt - excerpt 4

Die Tödliche Doris

7 Tödliche Unfälle Im Haushalt (CD-EP)

Label: Suezan Studio

Format: CD-EP

Genre: Sound Art

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** 500 copies** Die Tödliche Doris was born out of West Berlin’s lively post-punk community in the early ‘80s. Along with Einstürzende Neubauten, Malaria, Sprung Aus Den Wolken and Frieder Butzmann, Die Tödliche Doris ranks amongst the Geniale Dilletanten – which roughly translates as “ingenious dilettantes” – who sought to democratize cultural productions beyond the grip of both Western capitalism and GDR socialism. The Geniale Dilletanten became synonymous with a free-for-all approach to music, film, painting and performance where participants encouraged raw expression through provocation and experimentation. Wolfgang Müller and Nikolaus Utermöhlen founded Die Tödliche Doris in 1980, presenting the public persona of Doris as a constantly shifting entity that deliberately engaged the contradictions of the human condition. The band often referenced themselves in the third person singular, alluding to Doris as a fully-formed female character with explosive, colorful emotions.


As part of the celebrations for the group's 40th anniversary, it's high time for a carefully remastered version of "7 Tödliche Unfälle Im Haushalt", their debut release. Originally an untitled 12" vinyl EP at the time of its original release on Alfred Hilsberg's Zickzack label in 1981, this limited edition CD-EP comes in a Mini-LP/paper sleeve with lyrics insert.

Cat. number: SSZ3051
Year: 2019