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File under: Spiritual Jazz

Doug Carn

Adams Apple

Label: Snow Dog Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Further distanced in time from John Coltrane's spiritual new-jazz and the influential second Miles Davis quintet, Doug Carn showed a close affinity with R&B when recording his fourth and final Black Jazz album Adam's Apple. Sharing his interest in R&B was a platoon of committed, resourceful jazz musicians including young star-in-the-making Ronnie Laws, who had worked with Earth, Wind & Fire before that band's big commercial breakthrough. Of the others, ace guitarists Nathan Page and Calvin Keys had acquired intimacy with the soulful properties of African-American music of the time, performing with the premier jazz organist Jimmy Smith. Musicians include: Gerals Brown (acoustic bass), Darrel Clayborn (Fender bass), Big Black (congas, percussion), Harold Mason(drums), Calvin Keys, Nathan Page (guitar), Doug Carn (keyboards, vocals),Dick SchoryGene Russell (producer), Ronnie Laws (saxophone),Thurman Green (tambourine), John Conner, and Joyce Greene(vocals).

File under: Spiritual Jazz
Cat. number: SDGBJ 1221CD
Year: 2016

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