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Terry Riley

Aleph (2Cd)

Label: Tzadik

Format: CDx2

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Terry Riley returns to the transcendent brilliance of his improvisatory All Night Flights from the 1970s, a masterpiece of the early minimalism repetitive and hypnotic music, in this spectacular two-hour solo performance for just intonation keyboard. Originally created for the for the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, the music has been sitting in Terry’s archives for years and now finally sees the light of day in all its glorious entirety. It's one long, continuous performance but has been conveniently broken into two CDs release, which does move into more and more intense, ever-repetitive realms as the disc progresses. Recorded at Terry’s private studio at Moonshine Ranch at Midnight, the music captures a magically mystical vibe, timeless, meditative and entrancing. A modern classic from the godfather of minimalism who continues to surprise and challenge us with each new release.

Cat. number: TZA8167
Year: 2012

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