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Alienist - excerpt 1
Alienist - excerpt 2
File under: Psych

Psychic TV


Label: Old Europa Cafe

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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**500 copies, 2020 stock** "Psychic TV and Genesis P-Orridge don’t need large introductions. In 1981 Genesis broke with Throbbing Gristle (the pioneers of Industrial music) noise attacks in order to produce more psychedelic, Kraut rock influenced sounds. PTV's Force the Hand of Chance and Dreams Less Sweet are defining albums. The stylistic range goes from carefully orchestrated, psychedelic works to Acid House to Industrial, basically whatever floated Gen’s boat, s/he happily adapted it and formed a new incarnation of Psychic TV, making it an always surprising, never predictable outfit. Various collaborators left their traces on PTV, like Peter Sleazy Christopherson old TG companion, Marc Almond and Dave Ball of Soft Cell, Jhonn Balance of Coil, Monte Cazazza, Rose McDowall and many more... Psychic TV new album Alienist, out on LP format via Angry Love Productions, isalso released as a CD in a limited edition of 500 copies through OEC. Alienist includes two original tracks, the haunting yet emotional I’m Looking For You; an epic, multi-layered, metaphysical exploration in the form of a conversation between Genesis and “Lucifer”, who is in hiding after his failed rebellion is over, and the title track Alienist which is a delightful fusion of dance grooves harking back to PTV’s Acid House days and the group’s current love of heavy psychedelic rock. On a European tour in 2009, Genesis proposed the band perform the classic Maggot Brain by Funkadelic as a musical interlude. After the tour, the band went into the studio to give a try at a recorded interpretation of the song. The result was astounding and the band set forth on a series of 12″ records, yearly interpreting a rock classic and then offering a new song on the B side. Mostly chosen by drummer and co-producer Edley ODowd, songs have previously included Silver Machine by Hawkwind, Mother Sky by Can and Dropout Boogie by Captain BeefheartAlienist continues Psychic TV’s fascination of reinterpreting contemporary rock classics. This time tackling Jump Into the Fire by the late Harry Nilsson as well as Genesis’ teenage favorite How Does It Feel To Feel by ’60s British psychedelic rockers, The Creation."

File under: Psych
Cat. number: OECD 241
Year: 2016

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