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Altar of flies

Label: Ideal Recordings

Format: LP

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All compositions by Mattias Gustafsson: magnetic tape, field recordings & electronics, recorded to tape 2012-2013. Altar of Flies is back on iDEAL with this new, untitled album, his first since 'Permanent Cavity' (2010). Mattias Gustafsson's industrial, Mjölby-style musique concrète is deeply personal and even though the music is often sparse and minimal, it always contains restrained energy explosions and psychic tensions. This, his fifth proper LP (and a long line of nice releases on hot labels like Release The Bats, Jrtecknet and A Dear Girl Called Wendy), is a modern noise master piece. There are tons of great records out there, but few messes with my mind as well as this album. And that is to me, a true sign of quality! Joachim Nordwall, Gothenburg, August 2014.

Cat. number: ideal 116
Year: 2014
Genre: Electronic

Artwork by Nullvoid. Cover photo by Åke Gustavsson, Mjölby 1981. Portrait photo by Henrik Stolt. 
Edition of 250 copies.