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Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement

Ambient Black Magic (2Lp + 10")

**Second edition - pressed on black vinyl, don't missi it!** Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement is the ambient techno project of Dominick Fernow. Focusing on slow paced bass studies and synthetic dub textures, surrounded by collaged and looped field recording environments, RSE shrouds sound over image to target the sector of brain where fear supersedes rationality -- the imagination. As RSE appears live for the first time, it has transformed into an entity with rotating contributors on stage and on recording. Ambient Black Magic moves away from the extreme saturation of the early cassettes and the industrial environmentalism of Green Graves (2016), and defines itself simply as contemporary "fear/chill-out" dub. The new album Ambient Black Magic features sound-on-sound processing by Silent Servant, a massive dub remix from Substance, and mastering by Paul Corley. Having released a series of early cassettes on Fernow's own Hospital Productions imprint, the project remained in obscurity for fanatics of the label's direct cassette culture until London's Blackest Ever Black reissued Black Magic Cannot Cross Water on vinyl.

The EP brought the rhythmic field recordings to the attention of Neel of Voices From The Lake, who created a treatment of "Black Magic Cannot Cross Water" for 2016's highly sought after Green Graves release. The debut live performance of Fernow's most restrained project will feature studies in bass and field recording environments.

Cat. number: HOS498LP
Year: 2018

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