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Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement

Folklore Venom

Label: Hospital Productions

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Edition of 500* Quite probably our favourite pair of releases from Dominick Fernow's lesser known alias Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, "The Plant With Many Faces" and "Folklore Venom" are now available on vinyl for the first time, following on from an excellent LP for Blackest Ever Black and 12" for Bed of Nails. The project has become one of Fernow's most intriguing, offering an artificial, unnerving take on both Ambient and more propulsive electronic music, in turns reminding us of everything from Selected Ambient Works Vol.II to John Carpenter, Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack, Leyland Kirby, classic Chain Reaction, Demdike Stare and, of course, Fernow's own myriad productions under various aliases. For the most part, the project has been an experiment in tonal dread and dankest atmospheres, but on 'Folklore Venom' rhythms play a more prominent role, pacing anxiously below the dense murk of 'Upside Down Left Eye' or as a stodgy techno bedrock to the inclement conditions of 'The Spirit Wore The Shoes Of The Boy', or a sputtering, diesel powered chug to the noxious vibes of 'Black Magic Originated In Nature'. Factor the petrifying gloom of 'Spirit Companion Sick-Bed' and the unheimlich, exotic sonic ciphers of 'Malaysia Yellow Herbs' and you have one of the strongest releases on Hospital Productions yet.

Cat. number: HOS396LP
Year: 2013

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