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Ambienti Elettroacustici - excerpt 1
Ambienti Elettroacustici - excerpt 2
Ambienti Elettroacustici - excerpt 3
Ambienti Elettroacustici - excerpt 4


Ambienti Elettroacustici

Label: Soave

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Harmograph is a project by and with Matteo Scaioli. He summarized his latest research on sound by building various electromechanical instruments, one of which he called the "Harmograph", which gives the name to his whole project. Harmograph is basically a gong remodeled with a unique sound. Scaioli blends the sound of the Harmograph with other self-made instruments including Melodon's Voice, Phonograph Tape, Dhin "Tan" Pathè, and finally his favorite synth: the Prophet 5. Matteo Scaioli - being a percussionist in the end - built the Dhin "Tan" Pathé, a percussive instrument inspired by the Indian Mridangam, conceived and built starting from a 78rpm Pathè Bakelite disc of the early 1900s, where Scaioli assembles records in bakelite prepared by him creating rhythms and unpredictable sounds. The artisan dimension of the project is a further step in the continuous personal invention of sound machines and in the search of obsolete instruments, combined with a contemporary electronic feel.
Cat. number: SV 23
Year: 2019

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