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Han Bennink

Amplified Trio

Label: Treader

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Dutch drumming legend Han Bennink teams up with Treader mainstays John Coxon and Ashley Wales for an amplified onslaught of ferocious freeform jazz. For this session Coxon kits himself out with an electric guitar while Wales mans electronics and samples. Between the two of them there's a barrage of flurried sonic ideas ranging from discordant string ensembles and abstract soundscapes to jagged wah-wah abuse. Throughout all this, Bennink's drumming comes across as boundlessly inventive, constantly surprising and always dextrously energetic. The first piece takes the form of a lengthy noise workout, with all performers giving it their utmost in the intensity stakes. Subsequent pieces reveal a more relaxed, exploratory approach however, with more sparsely assembled sound sculpting in which the musicians almost take turns at dissecting their instruments. Bennink proves to be particularly good at punctuating Wales & Coxon's more bizarre sonic extremities, interspersing the more subtle moments with outbursts of incendiary percussion. By the time you arrive at the fifth piece the trio are in full noise rock mode, laying on some dense, frenetic playing. It's at these moments that Bennink's virtuosity really comes to the fore. Impressive stuff.

Cat. number: TRD008
Year: 2007

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