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michael hurley

Ancestral Swamp
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michael hurley - Ancestral Swamp

michael hurley

Ancestral Swamp

€ 15.00


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Ancestral Swamp is the 20th full-length album by legendary rambler, cartoonist, outsider folk singer, and guitarist Michael Hurley. It arrives just in the nick of time for the rabid Snockophile. A batch of new vittles and encores of some of his classic tunes, Ancestral Swamp bubbles with laid-back ease and tremolodic goodness. Most songs have the simplest of arrangements: Hurley singing solo, accompanied by his guitar, Wurlizter organ, or fiddle. Tara Jane O Neil helps lend a nice touch to El Dorado, and Snock calls upon frequent past accomplices Dave Reisch and Louie Longmeyer for their graceful touch on sleepy winners like New River Blues and Gamblin Charlie. As with all Hurley s albums, once one sets the needle down, one is put in a certain peace and place. His voice and songs are unique, shuffling with characters and visions clear and wild. With Ancestral Swamp, it seems Snock has left his front door open a bit wider than usual. If you lean in close, you can inhale a little of the vapor rising off the water, and enjoy a tale or two.
Notes   Tracklisting
Recorded 2001 to 2006 in Astoria and Portland, OR, and Portsmouth, OH. Booklet includes 5-page comic, "Kornbred: Driving Dream", drawn by Hurley.
1   Knockando (4:23)
2   Dying Crapshooter's Blues (5:02)
3   Lonesome Graveyard (5:16)
4   New River Blues (4:37)
    Bass - Dave Reisch
5   El Dorado (3:53)
6   1st Precinct Blues (5:19)
7   Light Green Fellow (4:23)
8   Gambling Charley (4:10)
    Bass - Lewi Longmire
  Guitar [Six String] - Dave Reisch
9   Streets Of Laredo (4:00)
10   When I Get Back Home (6:01)
11   She Got A Mathematic (4:49)