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Evan Parker, John Russell

Walthamstow Moon ('61 Revisited)


Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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On November 17th 1961, John Coltrane played at the Granada Theatre in Walthamstow. On November 23rd, 55 years later, free jazz legend Evan Parker made this six track recording in the same space with John Russell and John Edwards. This recording has personal resonances for Evan: he attended Coltrane's performance 55 years ago at the Granada. Evan Parker: "John Russell, John Edwards and I are going to record in that same cinema. It has had the usual chequered life of classic old cinemas of the post war era in the meantime, but the resonances of that day in 1961 will be an inspiration." Beautiful cover artwork by Oliver Bancroft. Presented in a 3mm spine case.

Cat. number: BYR002
Year: 2017

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