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John Russell, Pascal Marzan



Format: CD

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The dialog of two improvising guitarists who, since 2004, have explored "timbres, interspersed with fragments of chords, rhythms and melodies, parallel plays in imitation or opposition". All the pieces that make up this CD are presented here in their entirety. They reflect our mutual explorations discussed in confidence, freedom and exigency since 2005. Dialogues of timbres, interspersed with fragments of chords, rhythms and melodies, parallel plays in imitation or opposition... Conversations browsing the various registers, imaginary and emotional worlds of the guitar abstracted until the disappearance of regular or expected timbres. Complicity and the freedom to explore music acquired over my meetings in London with John reappear intact in our public concerts. It's like playing 'à la maison' : en toute amitié !"-Pascal Marzan, from the liner notes

"Pascal and I first met in 2004 and our first public appearance was for the indefatigable Adam Bohman as part of his concert series at The Bonnington in London's Vauxhall district. Since then we have played a number of concerts both in England and France and also recorded our private sessions, excerpts from which, chosen by Pascal, can be found here. Pascal's background as a nylon-strung classical guitarist and mine as a steel-strung plectrum player are quite different and this naturally informs our music. We are also first and foremost free improvisers, which for us means not only that the music is not pre-composed but that any sound available on the instrument can be considered as being of possible musical use. Our shared love of the guitar and guitar music in all its forms, coupled with our different musical experiences, means that there is a lot to draw on and I find the duo a continuing delight. By the way, if you don't like guitars you won't like this CD!"-John Russell, from the liner notes

Cat. number: EMANEM 5019
Year: 2011
Genre: Jazz