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Apprentissage & Remplacement - excerpt 1
Apprentissage & Remplacement - excerpt 2
Apprentissage & Remplacement - excerpt 3

Unglee Izi

Apprentissage & Remplacement (LP + CD)

Label: Erratum Musical

Format: LP + CD

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

"This album is a 4 hours free electronic sonic exploration by Unglee Izi, one of the wildest french electronic freak – a long journey into the wilderness from extreme digital noises to sophisticated landscapes and suspended silences.

The vinyl contains 2 extracts, 20 minutes for each side and is accompanied by a CD (74 minutes) and a download card of the original 4 hours track.

Mastered and cut by Frederic Alstadt for vinyl and digital.

Cat. number: EM 020
Year: 2019

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