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Auf Wiedersehen

Label: Load Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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A lasting gravestone release from Philadelphia's Clockcleaner packs in more drama than your mama with enough bad attitude to make the food court cry. Since 2007's release of "Babylon Rules", Clockcleaner have toured the trailer park areas of the United States as well as conquering the scorched earth of Australia. During this time the band recorded this 4 song EP length record that sharpens their midnight howl in a direction only hinted at in previous releases. The band now operates in a deathly throb that beats like the dying heart of a lonely man. John Sharkey's voice lays the gloom on like a cyanide capsule hitting a vat of acid with you strapped into the chair for the ultimate death ride.
Cat. number: load130lp
Year: 2010

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