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Pleasure Ground

Label: Load Records

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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As the dust settles and your tinnitus roars back to life, you wonder about Prurient. Last ear blast on Load, Black Vase went for the jugular from the git go with sporadic percussion and piercing square toned filthy noise. Just the thing for a rough day during a U.S.-sponsored war. This time out, Pleasure Ground oozes with a new shade of grey from the crayon set. A new dark waved sensibility takes hold. The seconds after a corpse appears on a riverbank, and the 'what the fuck am I gonna do' slips from your lips, the Valhalla horn of Prurient trumpets! This takes the difference between a noise record and symphonic doom and splits the difference. Brutality has a new form as it mows down school cafeterias full of trench-coated losers to a headphone soundtrack of deadly church organ/orgasm.
Cat. number: Load 101
Year: 2006
Recorded February 14, 2006.

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