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USA Is a Monster

Space Programs

Label: Load Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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When the shoe drops on the first bars of the USA is the Monster's new full length, it becomes clear some changes have occured since the last record, Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age. Buttery synth and elaborate vocal harmonies combine to levitate hairpieces at least a wee bit. This is the perfect synthesis of the pastoral wanderings circa thier second full length record, Wohaw, and the punk spunk junk of their first and third full lengths. The band is still a New York two-piece tribe of Native American-obsessed truth salesaman, but after four full lengths (and two EP's) sounds still virulently confident in thier jihad. Their take on the rock embraces proggy synth tones, eleaborate harmonies and jaw-dropping drum and guitar that is NO ACCIDENT, and can be seen in ragged glory when they come to your local rock hole. So now you know the truth, and your course of action is quite sure. Trim the fat in your life and eliminate lesser musics - embrace the glorious pelt of this new record. The band will be touring, as bands do when records come out. Be a witness, go to the show and participate in a band at the top of their game - touring as a four-piece. Barring that, turn this rekkid on, turn it up and erase false reality.
Cat. number: LOAD 122lp
Year: 2009

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