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The Pattern Prism

Label: Load Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Kraut-rock at heart, this is a brtual, cosmic melange of sound & rhythm, where Terry Riley-like keyboard motifs entwine w/ intense Battles-esque drumming, clouds of audio detritus, gamelan gongs, rewired synthesizers, & clashing feedback guitars. Oscilating between pools of crystal-clear ambience & miasmic clouds of dense noise, it spans entire decades of musical exploration: the fractured psych dreams of The United States of America, the dense weave of Stockhausen's Hymnen, the intensity of Conrad Schnitzler-era Tangerine Dream, the mind-altering drones of Growing, & the ferocioius sonic assault of Boredoms.
Cat. number: LOAF33
Year: 2009

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