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Autobahn - excerpt 1
Autobahn - excerpt 2


Autobahn (coloured LP)

Label: Parlophone, Kling Klang

Format: coloured LP

Genre: Electronic

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**180g translucent blue vinyl, Includes full-size 12-page booklet and picture inner sleeve.** The fourth studio album by the German electronic band. It was the band's first album to fully embrace the repetitive electronic sound they would become known for, although organic instruments still remained part of their sonic palette, and was inspired by the titular German highway system.

"Though they'd recorded three previous albums, Kraftwerk's modern pop legacy starts with the sounds of a few footsteps and a slamming car door--the beginning of a 22-minute musically impressionistic excursion down Germany's famed superhighway. An unexpected hit on both sides of the Atlantic, Autobahn's "fahren, fahren, fahren" refrain echoes "Fun, Fun, Fun" by the Beach Boys (just one of Kraftwerk's unlikely influences), while the entire concept recalls Brian Wilson's frustrated attempts at creating what he called "a pocket symphony." The rhythmic synth pulse that carries the title track will be familiar to Kraftwerk admirers, while cofounder Florian Schneider's flute work and other more delicate melodic touches hearken back to the band's prog-rock foundations (as do the atmospheric Kometenmelodie 1 & 2, Mitternacht, and Morgenspaziergang). Kraftwerk's fascination with technology has been well documented, but the revelation of Autobahn is the playful human spirit behind the robots' masks." - Jerry McCulley

Cat. number: 509996601419
Year: 2020

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