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John Chantler

Automatic Music, Volume II

Label: The Tapeworm

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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Automatic Music: Volume II' is the mesmerising follow-up to John Chantler's self-released first volume, originally released in 2011, the same year as his 'The Luminous Ground' LP was charted in The Wire's annual top 50. Two extended pieces for synthesiser/organ yield contrasting results on each side. First, 'For Nuno' is the more melodic of the two, with melting, kinetic modular scree and wheezing organ motifs seemingly attempting to untangle a conundrum which only gets more perplexing across its 20 minute lifespan. Secondly, the lustrous drones of 'No Poetry' unfold with the concentrated, hypnotic subtlety of a Phill Niblock or Eleh piece, all glassy, resonant harmonic overtones and warm sweeping bass oscillations that have us hooked for the 20 minute duration.

Cat. number: TTW#624
Year: 2014

Edition of 150.

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