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Noriko TUJIKO, Lawrence English, John Chantler


Label: Room40

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Tujiko Noriko joins with collaborators Lawrence English and John Chantler for ‘U’, a record of orbiting themes, esoteric lyrical wordplays and warm analog-infused song-forms. Following on from the acclaimed ‘Blurred In My Mirror (ROOM40), ‘U’ is a record of phases and exchanges between Paris and Brisbane over a three year period. A record of extended technique and unconventional process, U is most of all a swelling passage through the rare and exotic reality Tujiko Noriko evokes through her curiously dream-like songs. U is by far one of Noriko’s most affecting records. It's also one of her most eclectic, littered with songs that tell of moments of absolute loss and unrelenting ecstasy.
Cat. number: RM 435
Year: 2008

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