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Sun Ra Arkestra

Bad & Beautiful


Format: Vinyl LP

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2014 reissue. Of the Ra albums I've heard, this is by far the easiest to get into, and the only one I can recommend unreservedly. Attrition had brought the Arkestra down to a sextet, leaving more room for Ra's piano (the driving "Ankh") and the three remaining horns (all saxophones). When Marshall Allen isn't on sax, he's playing gorgeous piercing flute lines (in harmony with Gilmore on "The Bad And The Beautiful"). The one percussion showcase is rousing and joyful, with Ra adding Monk-like brittle accents ("Exotic Two"). There are some standards ("Just In Time") and some fine originals ("Search Light Blues"). This is just one side of Sun Ra, but if you're queasy about the space synth, screechy saxes and all the chanting, start here.

Cat. number: SATURN 532HLP
Year: 2014