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    Universe In Blue

    Label: SATURN

    Format: Vinyl LP

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    180 gram exact 1972 repro reissue. Featuring John Gilmore (tenor sax) and June Tyson (vocal). Tracks: "Universe In Blue Part I," "Universe In Blue Part II," "Blackman," "In A Blue Mood" and "Another Shade Of Blue."
    The Universe in Blue is a fantastic set. The title cut is just a slow blues soloing showcase with Sun Ra's "intergalactic space organ," trumpet (not sure who), John Gilmore's tenor sax, and back to Ra. June Tyson takes center stage for &"Blackman", giving a particularly impassioned performance. &"In a Blue Mood" (just Ra and Luqman Ali on drums) and &"Another Shade of Blue" are just back-to-the-basics blues form for more soloing. Ra sticks to organ for the entire date, and it's just wonderful to hear what the Arkestra does with such a "simple" form. This is a fairly rare, fairly inside date, and fans of Ra and Gilmore's playing will be especially pleased.
    Sean Westergaard, Rovi
    Cat. number: ESR 200
    Year: 2012
    Genre: Jazz
    Replica of the original LP, probably from around 2010. On HQ 180 gram vinyl.