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Sun Ra Arkestra

When Sun Comes Out


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Jazz

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180 gram vinyl version. Tracklisting: "Circe," "The Nile," "Brazilian Sun," "We Travel the Spaceways," "Calling Planet Earth," "Dancing Shadows," "The Rainmaker," "When Sun Comes Out." First two tracks probably made during the same session at the Choreographers' Workshop, late 1962 or 1963. Remaining tracks recorded during different sessions around the same period. The master tape of side B is in stereo; all known pressings of the album are in mono, however. The master tape also includes a rejected take of an unidentified piece at the beginning. In addition, three pieces were recorded backwards (!) on the master used by Evidence.

Cat. number: SATURN 2066HLP
Year: 2010

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