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Sun Ra Arkestra

Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy


Format: Vinyl LP

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This disc brings together the Sun Ra recordings "Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy" and "Art Forms Of Dimensions Tomorrow" (recorded in 1963 and '61-'62 respectively). Cosmic Tones functions as a kind of blueprint for the sort of large-scale jazz weirdness that would inform much of Sun-Ra's subsequent works, featuring the woozy reeds of 'And Otherness' and the afro-jazz experiments of 'Thither And Yon'. On 'Adventure Equation' a space echo treatment on the recording which is reprised for the sax flurries on 'Voice Of Space' making the whole experience even more disorientating than it already would be. Art Forms is even more radical in places, 'Cluster Of Galaxies' sounding fiercely experimental, far-removed from the conventional idioms of jazz, or frankly any other music that might have been heard in early '60s America. The swingtime ensemble piece 'Ankh' is more intelligible as a piece of jazz, but by the time you arrive at 'Solar Drums' you're trapped inside that warped Sun-Ra imagination once again, this time for a spiralling, incomprehensible piece of percussion-meets-tape trickery.

Cat. number: SATURN 408HLP
Year: 2010