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Book of Air


Label: Sub Rosa

Format: LPx2

Genre: Electronic

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Book of air is a series of bundled compositions. This is the second chapter performed by 'Vvolk'. Opposed to the first quintet release 'Book of Air - Fieldtone' (SRV412 2LP), the music out of the 'Vvolk' series is played by a group of 18 improvisers with roots in jazz and classical music. The group investigates performing and improvising music, in close relation to present time; what are the possibilities in playing music, when changes in this music pass by unnoticed? How do we as musicians relate to the running time of a performance? How does our hearing and memory react to these slow changes? As a result vvolk let's you experience music which is less perceived in the present time, but rather occurs in our memory of the past. This clearly challenges the improvising musicians, and makes audience and performers discover new territories in collective improvisation. It remains some Obscure Records and Gavin Bryars.

Cat. number: SRV413
Year: 2015

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