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Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3 & 4

Label: TYPE

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Electronic

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Our Head Technician returns with the keenly awaited follow-up to his amazing 'Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1 & 2' as Pye Corner Audio, including the previously digital-only Volume 3 and the as-yet-unheard Volume 4. Lurking in the shadows between deep house, slow techno, Carpenter soundtracks and classic electronica, these sibling LPs transcend genres with hallucinatory, shape-shifting effect, trudging forth from the pastoral whimsy of the first volumes to a darker, less certain point on the horizon. They could just as easily soundtrack a thriller about Balearic drug dealers as a sleazy, modern film noir set in Glasgow or some cosmic sci-fi adventure, spiking stealthy bass grooves with richly visual darkwave motifs and moments of beat-less, flickering neon ambient - exactly the kind of gear that turns a lonely, low-lit bedroom at midnight into a portal to your fantasies. Arguably, it's some of the most strangely evocative analog electronica since AFX's SAW II and BoC's 'Music Has The Right To Children', a masterful balance of eldritch melancholia and darkside prurience ranging from supple square wave rollers to hexed ambient vignettes and even another chance to catch the dusty disco subterfuge of 'Dystopian Vector Part One'. (boomkat)

Cat. number: TYPE118
Year: 2014

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