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Boxes of Toys - excerpt 1
Boxes of Toys - excerpt 2
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Boxes of Toys (LP)

Label: Orbeatize

Format: LP

In stock


With Boxes of Toys Orbeatize introduce a new series of limited edition compilations. On this first volume they managed to gather 13 tracks taken from some of the most obscure Electronic Libray Music and private press releases that you can think of. The original LPs and cassettes from which this selection of goodies is culled, have been published between 1983 and 1996 and most of them - when not impossible to find - are quite rare to say the least, try Discogs if you don't believe it!


Boxes of Toys includes the following contributions:
- Don Slepian's unreleased 1983 performance for the Jean-Marc Matos Dance Company; 
- Blair Greenberg's exclusive track taken from "Desert Magic" 1992 performance staged at the Performing Arts Complex - Australia; 
- Dirk Cervenka's unrelesead performance; 
- Roberto Rosi aka Borixc's monster track "Staffile": the best Italian library electronic track ever? 
- Alessandro Barelli & Angelo De Luca's recordings taken from their invisible rare library albums; 
- Mike Christopher's 1983 proto-minimal techno monster; 
- Philip Brophy, Virgil Work Jr. aka Vincent and James Chandler Jr.'s weird stuff; 
- Franco Bonfanti & Valerio Gallo Curcio's best tracks taken from the elegant "Musica d'ambiente" library LP.

Cat. number: IZE-01
Year: 2019