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Maria Rita

Brasileira (Lp)

Label: Selva Discos

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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**small repress available** Selva Discos present an official reissue of Maria Rita Stumpf's Brasileira, originally released in 1988. Brasileira has been on top of collectors and music lovers' wish lists since "Cântico Brasileiro Nº3 (Kamaiurá)" broke out and cast a spell worldwide. Lucky collectors can listen to the whole album -- with gems such as "Lamento Africano/Rictus" and "A Cidade" -- but it was clear that Brasileira is an oeuvre that more people should have access to. Selva Discos is a new label run by Augusto Olivani and Millos Kaiser (the DJ/production duo known as Selvagem) in partnership with JD Twitch's Optimo Music. Here's an extract from Augusto Olivani and Millos Kaiser's sleeve notes about the Brasileira and the label's launch: "We were aware of the originality and rarity of this album since we put our hands on a copy of the Brasileira LP a few years ago, but it took time to learn that Maria Rita from 'Kamaiurá', the track that carried us away as soon as we first heard it, was the same Maria Rita with whom one of us knew since childhood. To reissue Brasileira became a life mission. Also, it turned to be the seed that allowed Selva Discos to bloom." And another extract, taken from Maria Rita's recollection on the serendipity that triggered this reissue: "Many years passed until I got a call from a close friend saying that his son, whom I had known since childhood, was my fan. I found it funny... I was slowly returning to music after years of directing Antares, a company I created and that brought thousands of artists to Brazil. He was a DJ who played my songs at the Selvagem parties and as he said, did not know that I was me, the same Maria Rita who worked with his father. This was a plot twist, a movie thing." Maria Rita Stumpf is now the owner of Brazilian production company Antares Produções, responsible for bringing international artists, such as Philip Glass and Mikhail Baryshnikov, to Brazil for the past 30 years. After distancing herself from the music business since the original release of Brasileira, she's now back in the game. This reissue was overviewed by Maria Rita Stumpf; Remastered from DAT tape of the original release; Artwork updated by Brazilian design studio Colletivo; Features liner notes by Maria Rita.

Cat. number: OMSD 001LP
Year: 2017

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