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Label: Phoenix Records

Format: Vinyl LP

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LP version: Previously released by Phoenix Records on CD, now available on digitally remastered 180 gram virgin vinyl, this is People's sole album, the legendary Ceremony -- Buddha Meet Rock, originally released in 1971 in Japan. Nobody's sure if the musicians on this recording ever performed as a group or whether Ceremony was simply a studio super-project. Certainly, guitarist Kimio Mizutani had already enjoyed a certain amount of critical exposure following stints with Love Live Life + One and Masahiko Satoh's Sound Brakers, and it is Satoh's jazzy fuzz guitar licks that help to lift this album to a higher level. Unfortunately, this was the ensemble's only output, but this conceptual album is an absolute classic of hypnotic, psychedelic prog rock.

Cat. number: ASH 3027LP
Year: 1970

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